1. BVB MKE - The First & Only Fan Club East of the Mississippi River

The leadership of 1. BvB MKE has received intel from a reliable source in Germany that they have been granted official status as a fanclub by Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund, pending the processing of paperwork.  This makes 1. BvB MKE the third BvB fanclub in the United States of America, the others in Texas and Cali--and the first and only fanclub east of the Mississippi River.  This is truly a great honor for both the fanclub and the great club of Borussia Dortmund.  Echte liebe.

The fanclub has been sick of hearing all of the transfer gossip about all of our great players, thus has not wanted to add to the media frenzy by commenting on our frustrations.  Sorry for a lack of posts, see the rest of the page as some posts have and are being added.  Don't forget to check the polls and vote.  We have been busy celebrating several things that make it great to be a Borussen:

1) We advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League and get a favorable draw (2nd leg im Tempel)

Echte Liebe: Looks like you're lovin' it...we are too.
2) Nuri Sahin...I am without words. Great for you and your son in the stadium that day--we have missed you too. Glad you are back, what a moment.  Keep the goals and assists coming. (We are trying to buy your in-form card on FIFA but currently don't have enough money.)

3) 1. BvB MKE receives news of official status

4) 1. BvB MKE Dortmund, the fanclub's futsal team extension, beat a team of Germans with one opposing player wearing a Schalke kit, who was nutmegged while wearing it, by a certain player in a certain shirt from a certain day in May where a certain team crushed Bayern and won the Pokalfinale.  The goalkeeper of the Dortmund team also wears Dortmund gear for matches.  The team is currently undefeated and will conclude its regular season play next Friday, before entering the knockout phase.

5) Borussia Dortmund becomes the first German team to ever appear on the cover of FourFourTwo magazine.  Again, we make history...

History in the making...

6) With all of the transfer gossip, it appears that most of our players recognize how there are really no places that are an upgrade from Dortmund, that we have the best stadium and the best fans in the world, that we have the best coaching staff (Klopp, Zorc, Buvac) and it is just damn good to play for Borussia Dortmund in the Westfalenstadion and win trophies.  It seems that none of our players are leaving, save perhaps a certain Polish striker, for the time being.

7) With money to spend, thanks to great management from Watzke and Rauball (please don't raise ticket prices any more, what makes our club beautiful is Echte Liebe, we are a club of the people--I digress) it appears that along with all of the bogus crazy madness about every club wanting to buy every single Dortmund player in the starting eleven or traveling squad, some really big names are being linked with our club...most importantly a certain Dortmund legend, Mozart, Tomas Rosicky.  Please make that happen, 1. BvB MKE will make a pledge of at least $19.09 to help fund the move.  Let's all unite and send fanclub dollars to buy Rosicky!!!

Pondering a return to BVB

8) Did I mention that Dortmund are in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Malaga with the second leg at home in front of Die Gelbe Wand and the atmosphere of a sold-out Westfalenstadion?

9) While it is only a rumor that has not been confirmed, a certain Dortmund player has said to be pondering a visit to 1. BvB MKE this summer.  The visit would also be open to legend Dede who could help the player, rumored to be Dortmund fanatic Kevin Grosskreutz, train on the beach with acrobatic kicks in hopes to score more goals like the one in Berlin.  An investigation into the claims is being made at present and additional updates will be forthcoming. Fur immer BVB.

Thank You Dede! What a goal from Grosskreutz.  Zorro can't even believe it.

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  1. How many players can celebrate before the ball even goes into the net.
    Ha Ha. That goal was awesme.