Sincerest Apologies - Website to be Restructured

1. BvB MKE would like to offer its sincerest apologies to its followers of the posts - certain previous posts contain offensive material.  The most severe case is the repeated use of the word G***e.  It is appalling to the contributors to the site that we were so wrong about our judgments of a man's character, of human decency, and of honor.  Words like G***e are not in alignment with BVB as a club or with the views of 1. BvB MKE.  We are very sorry for our previous lapses of judgment concerning a certain player for Borussia Dortmund.  To correct the mistake and so as not to be offensive, the offensive term will be removed and replaced instead with Shitze whenever shit is mentioned. 

We are also sorry for our errors in opinions concerning this shitfucker in particular.  I think Mats Hummels said it best when he mentioned that even if Lewandowski leaves, it won't be the same as what Shitze did.  We were wrong in assuming that he was loyal to BvB and a person of character.  Let it be a lesson to us all to always be loyal to Borussia Dortmund - players play for the club and we support the club.  No player is ever bigger than BVB.

The website is to be reconstructed by next week to make the necessary corrections and adjustments to the site.  Other aspects of the page should be updated ahead of the Champions League Final. 

Sorry for offending anyone with improper use of language previously.  Fuck you, Shitze, you shittraitor.

G***e or his ugly shitface will never appear on these pages again.

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