Dortmund Top Of The League - Another Win In Frankfurt

Echte Liebe

Borussia Dortmund again took three points on the road with an important win in a tense environment in Frankfurt.  Eintracht's Commerzbank Arena was buzzing for the whole 90 minutes, but the difference on the day was match-winner, man-of-the-match, big-money summer arrival HENRIKH MKHITARYAN who proved his worth with two well-taken goals on his "weaker" foot.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan...it may be a name you cannot pronounce, but everyone should familiarize themselves with this Armenian star in the making.  The new signing demonstrated why a club might just pay millions and millions of euros to have him on their team.  A solid performance all around, but most importantly, two goals -- a match-winning performance. 

Henrikh Mkhitaryan shows why BvB paid the big bucks for him (photo-bundesliga.com)
The first goal came early for die Schwarzgelben as the hard-working Kuba did well to win possession back.  The pacy Pole sped quickly towards goal, spotting a streaking run from Mkhitaryan and playing a perfectly-weighted ball through to the Armenian who calmly finished with his first touch.  The timing of the run from Mkhi and the awareness from Kuba showed an understanding that many would think had been developed over years of playing together--it seems that Mkhitaryan is settling in quickly and fits quite well.  It was a first Bundesliga goal for Mkhi just ten minutes into his third start, but full credit to KUBA...who notched another beautiful assist to add to his glittering Dortmund career.  Mkhitaryan showed great poise, cool as a cucumber as he slotted the ball past the goalkeeper  on his first touch.

Dortmund could have punished Frankfurt at other points of the first half, but lacked the finishing touch.  BVB were instead punished themselves in the 36th minute.  The pressure in midfield was too light and Frankfurt were allowed an easy service into the area.  The attacker was kept on only by Mats Hummels, who may have been slightly out of position, and his header off the post and was bundled in quickly by Kadlec.  It was only the second goal conceded thus far, but things seemed a bit loose in several areas of defense as Frankfurt were able to equalize far too easily.

The second half continued to be difficult for BVB, and it would be a touch of class that separated the teams on the day as Mkhitaryan took the team on his back and secured the three points with a brilliant solo effort.  Players like Schroeck continued to be annoying to Dortmund with their gritty play, but Grosskreutz found space down the right wing and played the ball to Mkhitaryan.  Henrikh then gave Johannes Flum a front row seat to the best goal in the house, receiving and then turning on poor Flum, who could only chase him the rest of the way.  Mkhitaryan smashed the ball into the bottom of the far corner, leaving the goalkeeper with no chance.  Another goal with his left, we may have to really question the usage of the phrase "weaker foot" with Henrikh Mkhitaryan.  The first goal was a deft touch and a subtle bit of skill while the second was a fierce left-footed drive...two difficult skills demonstrated perfectly by this up and coming star from Armenia.

1. BvB MKE watched the game in Milwaukee with visiting Dortmund fans all the way from Germany.  What a spectacle it was...thanks to Henrikh Mkhitaryan! Keep 'em comin' Mkhi!

Much respect to Kuba, our favorite Pole, another classy performance.  Kevin, we love you man, and are so happy to have you playing in the team, even if you are out of position you still get forward and have yourself another assist :) Sokratis might have been a bit overshadowed by the big signing of the summer today, but was solid in defense and kept Frankfurt at bay. Well done from the Greek.

A perfect start to the season.  Keep the wins coming BVB!!!

 Mkhitaryan's Man Of The Match Display


On To The Next Round Of The Pokal...3-0 vs Wily Wilhelmshaven

BVB Party On To The Next Round: Milwaukee favorite Kevin Grosskreutz scores the game-winning goal!!! Prost Kevin!!!
It took Dortmund all of 70 minutes to break the deadlock and shatter the dreams of the battling side from the fourth division, but BVB eventually went on to a deserved 3-0 victory. And it was the Dortmund aficionado Kevin Grosskreutz who finally put Dortmund at ease, with a well-placed strike into the bottom corner.  Super-sub Jonas Hofmann provided two assists to Ducksch and Lewandowski, who both coolly slotted home.
1. BVB MKE Hero - Echte Liebe lebt von Leidenschaft.

Overall, it was a boring affair with the team from the Regionalliga Nord placing everyone behind the ball, often packing their whole team into their defensive third.  It was really only a matter of time before they caved, but they battled bravely against a much better opposition it must be said.  Their new coach had them focusing on four things: Ordnung, Disciplin, Leidenschaft, Wille (Order, Discipline, Passion, Will).  They put in a courageous display but it would have been all over much sooner had it not been for a few nice saves, most notably denying a well-struck Sahin free kick and an Aubameyang header.  Auba wasted a few chances, but was unlucky not to score a first ever goal in the DFB-Pokal.

Klopp must be credited with a masterclass move in bringing on Ducksch, who got involved right away, setting up Grosskreutz after quick thinking from Ilkay Gundogan, who played a quick free kick.  Ducksch put the ball in a dangerous area and it eventually bounced its way to Grosskreutz who smashed in a fierce volley from the edge of the area that left the keeper with no chance.  Another substitute would be involved just 13 minutes later as BvB made it two, a great ball from the pass master Nuri Sahin springing Jonas Hofmann free down the right, who patiently waited for the open man and found fellow youngster Marvin Ducksch, who couldn't miss and tapped in for the easy goal. Most impressive from Ducksch was his typical cool reaction to scoring, as if he expects it.  A small pump of the fist and a subtle grin to J-Hof. All business.  And minutes later, just before the end of the match, Hofmann again showed why Klopp chose to bring him on, played through this time by fellow sub Sven Bender. Hofmann played quickly to the streaking Pole, and Lewandowski took a touch to settle before showing a touch of class and cleverly lifting the ball past the onrushing goalkeeper, who after a solid performance will be a little red in the face watching the replay.

With all the talk about Dortmund's new signings, something should be said here about its own talent coming through.  Jonas Hofmann is showing why we were willing to let go of Leo Bittencourt, with another top performance, chalking up more assists to his name after a solid performance against Wuerzburg.  And Marvin Ducksch managed to find the net for the third time in two matches, again showing maturity for his age and celebrating as if he is used to scoring goals.  Both players could be ones to watch this season, even if they aren't as big of names as some of the new boys...


LANGERAK - Great match for him to watch. Did nothing all game, except on huge save in a 1v1 that really saved our asses!!!

SUBOTIC - Solid as ever, unlucky not to score with his head. Almost won a penalty!

HUMMELS - Absolute beast. Wilhelmshaven had only one chance the entire game. Mats, Mats, Mats!

SCHMELLE - Schmelzer put in a shift, looked dangerous getting forward. Definitely could have provided better service and pushed forward more down the left, however, as we should have ended the contest much sooner.

***GROSSKREUTZ - One of the top performers of the day - 1. BVB MKE's fan favorite and today's Player of the Spiel, KG19.  Playing at right back, he was solid defensively and a real threat going forward as well, as he proved with his important goal in the 70th minute. Kevin looked at home at that position, and could very well be our solution to the problem of missing Piszczek due to injury.  Some have talked of new signing Sokratis there, but after today it may be difficult to edge out local legend Kevin Grosskreutz, who took the club on his back and scored the decisive goal that finally broke the backs of the stubborn, hard-tackling lower-league opposition. We love you KG19.

KEHL - The skipper was a real presence, dominating the midfield and stopping any moves from developing.

SAHIN - Runner-up for Player of the Spiel, a classy performance from the Dortmunder Jung.  He was creative and nearly scored from a great free kick.  It was his Traumpass (dream pass) that sent Hofmann through leading up to the second goal as well, to cap off another great performance for Nuri.

REUS - A quiet day and he probably will look back on today a wee bit disappointed.  A player of his calibre should have caused the lower league side more problems, but then again, there was very little space for our attackers as they just packed everyone behind the ball and defended tooth and nail.  Hopefully, today's frustration will motivate him to perform in the opening match of the Bundesliga campaign.

GUNDOGAN - Has really come in to his own at BVB.  Heavily criticized early in his BVB career by yours truly, it is now obvious why many are talking about his player as one of the top midfielders in Europe.  Always getting on the ball and pressing forward, Ilkay is an intelligent player who reads the game very well.  His clever quick free kick led to the second goal and completely killed the opposing team's spirit.  Another great display for Gundogan.

AUBAMEYANG - A real threat going forward.  He was our most active attacker, getting on the end of crosses and looked the most likely to score.  A few great saves from the impressive Aaron Siegl denied the man from Gabon a first ever goal in the Pokal and he was a bit unlucky not to be on the scoresheet today. His finishing was a bit wasteful though at times, and he'll be hoping to be more confident and lethal in front of goal in future appearances.

LEWANDOWSKI - Aside from popping up in the 90th minute to score a goal with an ice cool finish, the Pole looked off a step today.  He didn't really seem to get involved and wasn't getting on the end of crosses often enough, Aubameyang instead often the target.  That might be down to him playing on the edge of the opposition's penalty area, a space they crowded with as many bodies as possible.  So you can't be too harsh on him, a difficult day to be a lone striker.  And as all good strikers manage to do, he found the net in the end and silenced his critics.  Hopefully the first of many for him this year...

DUCKSCH - This young man is earning a lot of respect amongst the ranks of 1. BVB MKE.  His mean look and cool celebrations are making him a fan favorite for the fan club.  Marvin seems to be scoring against lower opposition which should be a huge confidence boost.  With Julian Schieber struggling to fit in at Dortmund, Ducksch may be earning more time this season if he is able to keep finding the net.  His brace against Wuerzburg included a nice volley, but another tap in finish.  These are easy goals, but he seems to find himself in the right place at the right time, an instinct, an uncanny ability that all goalscorers seem to have.  1. BVB MKE is especially excited to develop this player in FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM next year in FIFA 14. EA SPORTS should get their shtuff together and make sure he has a card. I'd give him low silver. Why not? A bright future for Marvelous Marvin.

HOFMANN - Super-sub Jonas Hofmann can do no wrong. He again created goals with his intricate passing and he even looks at times like a former young Dortmund prodigy who recently fell off a bridge, never to be spoken of again.  His patience in picking out the easy pass to set up Ducksch showed great awareness and maturity.  His quick pass to play Lewandowski clear through showed vision and attacking instincts.  This is a player who may turn into a great.  He has great potential and seems to be showing great development. Working with Klopp will only help nurture this top talent, who seems to be an even better prospect than Bittencourt.  Jonas Hofmann will play an important role for BVB in 2013-2014. A real spark off the bench, with a touch of class. Watch this player.

BENDER - He only came on for a short shift, the last ten minutes or so, but made an immediate impact.  Sven set up the attack for the third goal with a nice pass to Hofmann, making sure that all three of Klopp's introductions to today's match got involved in the goals.  A nice little rest for Sven, who will be integral to our success this season.


SEASON PREVIEW: BvB in 2013-2014

A New Golden Age? Three Big Signings, One Big Klopp
It must be said that we have entered a new era of Dortmundom.  Reaching the Champions League Final and returning to the pinnacle of European football, after the 2012-13 season it can officially be said that BORUSSIA IS BACK.

After a nightmare period where we were on the brink of extinction, Borussia Dortmund won a historic double and followed it up with a Champions League Final appearance.  But for some, this season's exploits were overshadowed by the treason that occurred.  There is no reason to mention the two players' names.

Now, however, before the 2013-14 season has even officially begun, I am beginning to wonder what all the media fuss was about.  Dortmund's team looted and finished!  Robbed of its stars, Borussia will crumble! Dortmund's successful run comes to an end!  And all of that garbage.

Funny how the outlook changes. 

With the signing of Mkhitaryan, many in the media are suggesting he could be better than the previous number 10.  Aubameyang is arguably as fast as Usain Bolt --- but he for sure is quicker than even the speedy David Odonkor (and he has already scored half as many goals as Odonkor did in 86 games!!! and Auba actually has a left leg on his body too)--so he's got that goin' for him...which is nice.  Sokratis is also one of the fastest defenders in the Bundesliga and has learned the trade under greats like Nesta and stars like Thiago Silva.  With the "loss" of Shitze, Dortmund signed two dangerous attacking players, one a Schaltzentrale and one a speed demon; and with the loss of Shitana, we bring in a player that can defend and pass, as opposed to an error-prone beanpole whose wild passes, poor marking, erratic defending and terrible clearances won't be missed.

  #7 - Jonas "Who The F*#k is Mario Shitze" Hofmann

Many in the media have talked about the alleged "losses" of big players, but to me it looks like we are only stronger.  Auba and Miki have both already scored to get the monkey off the back.  Also, can we talk about that young lad Jonas Hofmann? "Hervorragend" (Outstanding--Zorc, 2013). Where are the fussball know-it-all's there? Looking at a future star. And if you have a player who thinks only of himself and is willing to turn his back on his teammates in the way he did, then his leaving is anything but a "loss".  In fact, 2014 may be proof that Dortmund are only better because of it.

Destiny: Young Miki - Henrikh Mkhitaryan 16 years ago...
The media whirlwind about who BVB's new signings would be went on, but many fans (including those of 1. BvB MKE) remained relatively unmoved by the gossip and speculation -- opting instead for total faith in Jurgen Klopp, Michael Zorc, Zeljko Buvac, and everyone in the entire club.  We have money to spend and players want to join us after our recent successes.  Don't forget we have the best stadium and fans in the world.  Klopp and Zorc have brought in some amazing players with a much smaller pocket book, so if they were willing to splash the cash on these players then we must believe in them.  It appears that we can trust in them, as all three signings have got off to a great start.  More importantly, all three seem to understand what it means to play for Borussia and are buying in to Klopp's vision.  And it is only the beginning...

The media and many of the world's soccer audience is wrong -- Dortmund is not finished.  It is only the beginning of a new era.  And with Klopp in charge I believe that Borussia Dortmund will again be champions in 2013-2014...on what front(s)? Only time will tell.




AUBA's FIRST GOAL FOR BVB (assist from Miki)


Treason...a mark of the 2013 season...

It was announced today that a player from Borussia Dortmund signed a contract with Ruhr rivals FC Sch***e and beginning July 1st he will be wearing blue.  This was the second shock move of the season by players who used to proudly wear black and yellow.

It has been confirmed that Felipe Shitana will move to Gelsenkirchen after 5 years with Borussia Dortmund.  There have been many mixed feelings among fans upon his departure, especially after the major role he played in BVB's glorious cup run this season.  This article discusses some of the significant parts of this somewhat surprising (and really disappointing) move.
"While he is a great header of the ball and a threat going forward, most teams buy center backs in order to defend -- and he doesn't seem to do that consistently at all." 
Shitana is a physical defender who has the ability to be a starter in most other teams, however, with Subotic and Hummels being two of the best center backs in the world, breaking into the team has been rather difficult for the lanky Brazilian.  While it cannot be a surprise that Shitana desired more playing time and requested a transfer in order to bolster his chances of playing for the Selecao in Brazil at the World Cup, the choice of destination is a strange choice. 

Given his goalscoring exploits in the Champions League this season (Shakthar, Malaga), the whole world became aware of the defender's ability to score goals.  This new reputation surely brought admirers from across Europe, not just Germany.  While one cannot be too critical of Shitana for leaving (his dream of playing for Brazil in Brazil is a good reason after all), his choice to join one of our biggest rivals is a slap in the face to the club that built him up from a nobody, to a player who scores one of the most memorable goals in the modern history of the Champions League.

After 5 years with Dortmund, surely he is aware that the team from Gelsenkirchen is a fierce rival.  Having experienced the intensity of a Revierderby firsthand on several occasions, Shitana must understand something wrong about his transfer.  Despite not being a German, he has spent enough time in Germany to know that if there are two cities in the country he shouldn't move to from Dortmund, they are Munich and Gelsenkirchen.  Add to it that the player that he is replacing is Christoph Shitzelder, who has been verbally abused by thousands of BVB fans since going back on his word as a man and joining Sch***e, and one sees that the player is clearly going against the club that supported him for 5 years.

Shitana is only thinking about his personal chances of playing for the national team, ignoring the feelings of the fans that he half-heartedly thanked in a farewell quote to BVB.  If he were actually grateful to BVB, the club and its fans, then actions would speak louder than words and he would move to any other club than the one he did. 

On his chances of playing for Brazil, the fact that he is even being considered shows that the mighty Selecao are weaker than they have been in previous decades.  On his chances of playing for Brazil, remember his own goals against Stuttgart and Lautern (below)?  Despite the move to Sch***e, it will likely be the case that he is not good enough for the national team and will not be part of the World Cup squad.  He has NEVER been called up to the national team as yet, so IF he gets any chance with Brazil in the next year, he better do better when called upon there than when he has been a deputy for Dortmund.  While he caught some headlines for a couple goals this year, the true story tells the tale of a benchwarmer who remains on that very bench he warms because of poor positioning, horrendous passing, and at times shoddy defending.  He has remained a bit-part player over the years because of his many errors when he was given a chance.  His decision making on the ball is suspect at best, as Dortmund have been punished several times throughout his spell at the club because of his frequent mistakes.  While he is a great header of the ball and a threat going forward, most teams buy center backs in order to defend -- and he doesn't seem to do that consistently at all.  To even consider him to wear any yellow shirt again, he would need to be more like Subotic or Hummels (and then maybe Brazil would think about taking him).

Admittedly, no fan of Borussia Dortmund will ever forget that match against Malaga, or the goal that you controversially scored -- but we can say that the ball was probably going in anyway, and that you are a dickhead (you said that it was the greatest moment of your life and then you agree to join our hated rivals?).  We will also never forget your own goals or that you left Dortmund for Gelsenkirchen.  Good luck with your career...I personally hope it nosedives.

Verpiss dich, scheiss verrater.

So...bad video, but just watch the first goal, maybe you remember it. One of the many examples of what a great defender he really is.  Thanks for everything Shitana...


The Things That They'nt Talkinbout....

Let's keep it simple. Three things. Big things. Major things. Huge. Ginormous.

1.       Jurgen Klopp - Podolski called him crazy. He will motivate his players. BVB will come fired up with nothing to lose. Bayern beware...

2.       Lewandowski - Real couldn't stop him. He could just have another hat-trick night...does Bayern remember the DFB-Pokal against BVB?

3.       Mats...that's all I can say. Mats, Mats, MATS MATS MATS!!!

These three factors will determine the game. The only other thing to note is that Roman Weidenfeller is the most under-rated goalkeeper in the world. He will show his brilliance on the world stage at Wembley. 


The Man The Masses Have Overlooked -- A Bayern Killer

Much has been talked about Borussia Dortmund and how they will fare against a Bayern Munich team that has been described as a "steamroller" this season.  All of these new experts on Bundesliga play have made some interesting remarks regarding the upcoming fixture.  As most of these pundits usually focus on the Premiership and dabble in some Barca and Real, their commentary is kind of general and repeated and regurgitated by someone elsewhere. 

What is interesting (but not very surprising) is that none of these new experts on the Bundesliga have mentioned a certain advantage, and a major one, that Borussia Dortmund has over Scheiss FC Bayern -- a certain warrior who battles in midfield that the world has previously written off as an also ran, good but not good enough; a certain champion that led BVB to glory in 2010-2011; a certain Schaltzentrale that controls the game with intricate passes and exceptional vision -- a Bayern Killer.

This Bayern Killer has been a nightmare for the Bavarians in the past few seasons and will likely play a role in their destruction in the Champions League Final of 2013 at Wembley.  This article tells the tale of Nuri Sahin: The Bayern Killer.
Bayern Killer

After what must surely be regarded as one of the most dominant midfield performances over an entire season in the 2010-2011, Nuri Sahin was named Bundesliga Player of the Year.  In 38 matches for die Schwarzgelben, Sahin amassed 8 goals and 13 assists.  While not necessarily a big bodied holding midfielder, his bite in the defensive positions often lead to quick counter attacks with pinpoint passing.  In a surprise move, it was a tearful goodbye to BVB, his boyhood club and off to Real Madrid, the club he dreamed of as a boy (like many others).

Things did not start smoothly as he joined his teammates well into the pre-season.  This initial period was also hampered by injury.  The young Turk had little influence and was usually overlooked.  Without having been given much of a chance, he was soon loaned out to Liverpool.  The You'll Never Walk Alone anthem was already known to him from the Sudtribune and his Dortmund days, but he never quite fit there either.  Many criticized his play, despite the fact he was being played out of position.  His favored position, and his most deadly, is from a deeper position in midfield.  Brendan Rodgers continued to play him out of position in a more attacking role.  Unfamiliar with this role, Sahin needed some time to settle in, but was heavily criticized and even labeled as a flop.  Thus came the moment so many Dortmund fans had crossed their fingers and hoped for since the day he left: the prodigal son returns home...

Echte Liebe: True Love...Sahin returns...
Upon his return, it was stated by Klopp and the player that his progression back into the system would be gradual.  Used sparingly, he appeared only as a substitute at first.  In only his second start, he scored two goals and chalked up an assist in a 5-1 drubbing of Freiburg.  Since then, his impact has been significant.  Four games later and Dortmund made the short journey to Dusseldorf in a tough fixture.  Fortuna needed points to try to avoid relegation and BVB was trying to cement second place.  When the big occasion calls, per usual up steps Nuri Sahin: a goal and an assist in a 1:2 victory.  Sahin's final contribution of the season would be an assist two matches later in the thrilling 3:3 match with Wolfsburg (you got lucky Perishit--twice).

A player who rises to the big occasion and seems to show up in important games and thrive in pressure situations, Sahin could be the player to make a difference in what surely will be a physical and hotly-contested grudge match.  Willing to get stuck in and fearless, with vision and creativity that not even Shitze has quite duplicated, Sahin may be the man to step up.  With a certain real or unreal injury appearing to bother a certain player that all of us despise, could Nuri Sahin be the one that sinks Bayern...again?


CB          HUMMELS
CB          SUBOTIC
RB          PISZCZEK
CDM      BENDER (or possibly KEHL, I'll leave that to KLOPP)

Subs: Langerak, Kirch, Santana, Kehl (70'), Bittencourt, Grosskreutz (70'), Schieber


A repeat of the Champions League final we won in Munich against Juve, 3-1 for Dortmund.

Goalscorers: Hummels, Moller, Sahin, Lewandowski.  Okay, really though, I think it will be 3-1, goalscorers may be as suggested, but don't rule out Lewandowski owning Bayern for a hat-trick either...

We have been crushing Bayern recently under Klopp...the only loss was in the last 5 matches was in the DFB-Pokal, interestingly enough Sahin did not appear in that match.  In matches where Sahin has appeared against Bayern, Dortmund shows an interesting tendency to score the first goal.  In a game that many have predicted to be a low-scoring, scrappy battle, an early goal could be huge for Dortmund.

We all know how good you are Nuri, now it is time to show the world on the biggest stage that you don't need to be at Real to be the best in the world...

Here are some important things to consider concerning Sahin as a world class player and specifically his effectiveness against Bayern:

Appearances: 10 (expect one more in the final)
Goals: 2 (expect one more in the final)
Assists: 4 (expect on more in the final)
Yellow Cards:1 (expect one more in the final...he'll make it worth it ;) please get Robben :))

Check out Grosskreutz celebrating...haha



Let's hope he gets a chance to be Bayern Killer again...

Three Goals of the Season...Grosskreutz celebrating is awesome...


Sincerest Apologies - Website to be Restructured

1. BvB MKE would like to offer its sincerest apologies to its followers of the posts - certain previous posts contain offensive material.  The most severe case is the repeated use of the word G***e.  It is appalling to the contributors to the site that we were so wrong about our judgments of a man's character, of human decency, and of honor.  Words like G***e are not in alignment with BVB as a club or with the views of 1. BvB MKE.  We are very sorry for our previous lapses of judgment concerning a certain player for Borussia Dortmund.  To correct the mistake and so as not to be offensive, the offensive term will be removed and replaced instead with Shitze whenever shit is mentioned. 

We are also sorry for our errors in opinions concerning this shitfucker in particular.  I think Mats Hummels said it best when he mentioned that even if Lewandowski leaves, it won't be the same as what Shitze did.  We were wrong in assuming that he was loyal to BvB and a person of character.  Let it be a lesson to us all to always be loyal to Borussia Dortmund - players play for the club and we support the club.  No player is ever bigger than BVB.

The website is to be reconstructed by next week to make the necessary corrections and adjustments to the site.  Other aspects of the page should be updated ahead of the Champions League Final. 

Sorry for offending anyone with improper use of language previously.  Fuck you, Shitze, you shittraitor.

G***e or his ugly shitface will never appear on these pages again.


What is wrong with modern fussball...what is right with Borussia Dortmund...

As a long-time Borussia Dortmund supporter, and a member of a fanclub full of other real Borussen, I must say, it is surreal to be a fan right now...

1. BvB MKE has been celebrating madly since the dramatic scenes that unfolded in Dortmund that day none of us will ever forget.  Members congregated to watch the match and were quiet in the final moments, even after the first last-minute goal, but subsequently went ape shit when Shitana scored...and have been goin' ape ever since.

Even as an irrationally, eternally optimistic Dortmund supporter, I must say I thought it was done and dusted and could barely continue watching my dreams slowly slip away, minute by minute.  Now, I can barely believe it is true that we are in the semis after being on the brink of elimination.  That said, surprisingly, all is not peachy being a Borussia Dortmund fan these days...

As much as I am happy that we are doing well--we are in the Champions League semifinals again, we are on the back of back-to-back Bundesliga titles, last year was the first ever Double in our famed club history, we continue to have the highest average attendance of any stadium in Europe (more than Barca and Real; most Bayern fans are only fans when the weather is nice so they don't really come close--no seriously, they are not even close in numbers), and of course we are turning huge profits annually (rare in the business of modern club football and massive player wages)--I am deeply saddened that we will not be able to field a team next season.

EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT BVB now, for better and for worse, and how we play the best style that anyone has seen since Barca...and now if we are to listen to them and the never-ending ridiculous media reports, then we are for certain losing our manager and most of our team, or at least the following players:

Klopp (to Chelsea, Real, German national team, everywhere)
Hummels (to Barca, Real, Manchester United or City, etc.)
Subotic (to Manchester United or City--apparently wasn't good enough to play for USMNT)
Pizczek (was linked at one point to Real around January)
Gundogan (recently Tottenham and someone else...hard to keep track of all the bull shit)
Reus (City, Chelsea, others--even though we just fucking signed the guy, it's his 1st season!)
Kuba (Liverpool was mentioned not long ago)
Grosskreutz (Liverpool, Arsenal)
Lewandowski (Juve, City, Real, and of course Bayern and Man U, every other day)
Shitana (reported to be in search of 1st team football--if you go to Gelsenkirchen it's over)
Shitze (Leaving in summer to...I honestly can't even say it, makes me want to vomit)

Why don't we throw in a Sven Bender who people are sniffing around to make it an even 11 (sic)--the logic just isn't there is it? Are you telling me that we are selling 11 of our starting players and our manager who turned our whole club around?

Here lies one of the first problems.  Most people who are reporting and/or commenting about Dortmund have no idea what they are talking about (this week some idiot on Goal.com or another site called Dortmund's larger-than-life Sudtribune the "fearsome Sudkurve"--embarassing to say the least, please don't mistake BVB for Hertha ever again, please).  I don't believe even half of what I have read about Dortmund players and all of the gossip is ridiculous and annoying, especially the most recent reports about Shitana and Shitze, probably a tactic by Mourinho to unsettle our players.  During the Euros, I read reports of Mats Hummels leaving.  These professional writers really do their research, because while Schweinie was on holiday somewhere warm preparing for a lousy tournament full of shocking under-performances and Jerome Boateng was playing with pornstars at hotels in the build-up to the Euros, Mats Hummels went to the paradise city of Dortmund for vacation in order to meet with Zorc and Klopp and sign a new long-term contract.  Reus, who we had just purchased (back) on a long-term deal and had not yet even played in our colors, was now allegedly attracting interest from all over Europe.  Where were these people when Uli Hoeness (elitist, tax-evading cheat) and all of his Bayern buddies were sulking over Reus snubbing them (they really REALLY wanted him) and opting instead to re-join Dortmund already? These are the same people who pronounced his name as "Roose" (rhymes with loose) and "Ray-us," somehow overlooking the proper pronunciation of one of the hottest names in the future of German fussball (simple English pronunciation as in "Rolls-Reus").

When Klopp came to Dortmund and began working with Zorc, the plan was formed to try to build a successful system that would run at least until 2016.  As successful as we have been together, would we really bail early on a plan that is working so well?  If one considers how financially successful we are and how stable we have become once again, then one would understand that Dortmund does not need to sell anyone.  We will only sell if astronomical fees are paid.  If someone says they will pay money, then you are required to do what they say?!? Sounds more like prostitution than fussball to me, but this is a problem of the modern game.  And the agents and club bigwigs and reporters all pimp their ho's as much as possible.

Dortmund proves itself to be better than Manchester City, still our players should move there?  Owners with lots of money can do lots of things.  How the World Cup ends up in a Qatari desert is a story for another day...

But this article isn't just about what is wrong in the game, it is also about what is right.  And what is right is the thing that most of the people who don't know Dortmund but can't stop talking about us don't seem to quite grasp: BORUSSIA DORTMUND IS DIFFERENT.

We are a big club, but not a big club.  We have won 8 German Championships, 3 Pokals, 4 German Supercups, 1 Champions Leauge, 1 Intercontinental Cup, and were the first ever German club to win a European title (not Bayern) when we lifted the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1966.  We also became the first ever German club on the cover of FourFourTwo magazine in March 2013 (not Bayern).  Apparently some people still don't consider Borussia Dortmund a big club like others (Chelsea, City,  United, Liverpool, etc.), even though we are the 11th biggest club in the world, generating almost 200 million euros in 2012. Still, tickets are affordable for our fans (though prices are increasing) and BVB comes from a small industrial city, not Madrid, London, Barcelona, Munich.  If you go to Dortmund, you are only going for one thing: the greatest footballing spectacle you will ever experience in your lifetime. A journey to Der Tempel and the Sudtribune should be on every man's bucket list.
The Temple In All Its Glory: Meisterfeier (Champions' Party)
This is not a club of rich foreign investment.  This is not a club with fans who wear Black and Yellow one year and then sport the ugly Bavarian blue-white checker shit next year, depending on who is winning.  This is not a club who just goes and buys the best players from other teams (Sir Alex Ferguson was present in Berlin's Olympiastadion and watched the Pokalfinal in 2012 where Dortmund embarassed Bayern--this was Shinji Kagawa's last game for BVB and he has since wanted to also buy Subotic, Hummels, Reus, Gundogan, and Lewandowski--pretty sure Fergie was sitting in the Sudkurve because he would never be allowed in the Sudtribune). This is not a club you can compare to any other club.

Dortmund barely avoided bankruptcy in the last decade.  After losing Rosicky, Koller, Ewerthon,
Koller: A big beer for a big man
Amoroso, and many other important players, followed by a barren run of years without any silverware, our fans remained passionate as ever, with average attendance the highest in Europe.  Using a sustainable business model and living within our means, we developed our own quality youth players (Sahin, Shitze, Grosskreutz & Reus could be included as well) and made intelligent signings with great scouting and of course the help of the amazing Zorc.  Grosskreutz returned to BVB willingly and probably almost for free since he was still going to Dortmund games anyway while playing for Rot Weiss Ahlen and signing as a player meant free admission.  Schmelzer came on a free transfer from Magdeburg early in his career and has since broke into the national team.  Kagawa was plucked from the obscurity of the Japanese 2nd division (bought for only 350,000 and sold for much more).  Lewandowski was relatively unknown abroad before his move to Dortmund, even though he scored some sick goals in the Polska Liga.  Snapped up from Lech Poznan for a humble 4.5 million or so, he is now being talked about in the 25 mil range.  He sat the bench at first behind Lucas Barrios, also a clever signing, who had an unbelievable goalscoring record for Colo-Colo.  La Pantera had one of the best goal-scoring records around and was captured for a cheeky 4.2 million euros (we sold him to China for a little over double, a transfer record in China).  Pizczek was in Germany but also relatively unknown, coming on the recommendation of friend and Polish teammate Kuba.  Having played left back, holding midfielder, left wing and only then right back at Hertha, and even striker sometimes on loan back in Poland with Zaglebie Lubin, few (maybe only Zorc and Kuba) would have guessed that this player acquired on a free transfer would develop into one of the best right-backs in Europe. It is also relevant to note that Kuba himself came as a bit of an unknown from Wisla Krakow, after just breaking into the first team there a season or two before after a move from lowly KS Czestochowa (3rd league).  Dubbed by the legendary Boniek as "little Figo" at one point, this BVB-legend-in-the-making arrived for somewhere between 2-3 million.  Subotic wasn't good enough for the US team apparently, and he went to Mainz, worked his way up and then followed Klopp to Dortmund for around 4.5 million.  He has since quadrupled in value.  Mats Hummels wasn't good enough for Bayern Munich apparently, so they sold him to us for just 4.2 million.  We all know how good he is now (see funny video clip below).  With the calibre of these players at such bargains, 5.5 million for a young Ilkay Gundogan might have seemed a bit of a splurge at first, but now he is looking like the future of the German midfield.  I almost forgot to mention Sven Bender, bought for only 1.5 million Euros, now valued at around 14 million (see tranfermarkt.de).  Players like Leo Bittencourt could still prove to be great bargain signings as well...

[Klopp answers the reporter's question: Why did Bayern let a player like Mats Hummels go?]

Shitzelder = Traitor
And here we are today as a result...in the spotlight, a major topic of conversation in Champions' League discussion.  With our football know-how from the likes of Klopp and the under-recognized assistant coach Buvac, with our business savvy in Zorc and Watzke, and with our fanatic support inspired by ECHTE LIEBE, Borussia Dortmund will surely continue to survive, thrive, and succeed--regardless of who comes and goes.  The players should know what they have in this club, things that do not exist elsewhere. So if Shitana chooses to go to Gelsenkirchen and Shitze to Munich, then it would be okay in the ways of modern football, but not okay in the ways of BVB fans.  These players are already becoming legends in the Dortmund history books and are loved by all...but can become dead to us all in one false move. Ask Cristoph Shitzelder. Some people refuse to even say his name out loud ever again.

Shitzelder aka Shitze: DU SCHEIß VERRäTER--You Son Of A Shit Fucking Disgusting Traitor Judas Bastard Liar
So while players move from club to club without any loyalty these days, and while "big" clubs spend obscene amounts of money year-in and year-out, and while the media and agents instigate big money moves and high-profile transfers, and while everyone in the world is trying to buy every single one of our players who performs well (Bittencourt will be next), we have a chance to show the footballing world that we are different--that we can keep quality players not with money and excessively huge contracts but with real love and just some good fucking fussball.  Let's shut up all of this gossip and transfer speculation by beating Madrid over two legs (again) and showing to the world that there is no better place to play than BVB.  This could give some of our bigger players a reminder of why they should think twice before leaving the greatest club on planet earth...

Schmelle: Free Transfer from Magdeburg to scoring the winner vs. Real Madrid--forever a BVB legend.
PS Shitzelder is a douche...bag. And so is Shitze any player that follows in his footsteps.


1. BVB MKE - The First & Only Fan Club East of the Mississippi River

The leadership of 1. BvB MKE has received intel from a reliable source in Germany that they have been granted official status as a fanclub by Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund, pending the processing of paperwork.  This makes 1. BvB MKE the third BvB fanclub in the United States of America, the others in Texas and Cali--and the first and only fanclub east of the Mississippi River.  This is truly a great honor for both the fanclub and the great club of Borussia Dortmund.  Echte liebe.

The fanclub has been sick of hearing all of the transfer gossip about all of our great players, thus has not wanted to add to the media frenzy by commenting on our frustrations.  Sorry for a lack of posts, see the rest of the page as some posts have and are being added.  Don't forget to check the polls and vote.  We have been busy celebrating several things that make it great to be a Borussen:

1) We advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League and get a favorable draw (2nd leg im Tempel)

Echte Liebe: Looks like you're lovin' it...we are too.
2) Nuri Sahin...I am without words. Great for you and your son in the stadium that day--we have missed you too. Glad you are back, what a moment.  Keep the goals and assists coming. (We are trying to buy your in-form card on FIFA but currently don't have enough money.)

3) 1. BvB MKE receives news of official status

4) 1. BvB MKE Dortmund, the fanclub's futsal team extension, beat a team of Germans with one opposing player wearing a Schalke kit, who was nutmegged while wearing it, by a certain player in a certain shirt from a certain day in May where a certain team crushed Bayern and won the Pokalfinale.  The goalkeeper of the Dortmund team also wears Dortmund gear for matches.  The team is currently undefeated and will conclude its regular season play next Friday, before entering the knockout phase.

5) Borussia Dortmund becomes the first German team to ever appear on the cover of FourFourTwo magazine.  Again, we make history...

History in the making...

6) With all of the transfer gossip, it appears that most of our players recognize how there are really no places that are an upgrade from Dortmund, that we have the best stadium and the best fans in the world, that we have the best coaching staff (Klopp, Zorc, Buvac) and it is just damn good to play for Borussia Dortmund in the Westfalenstadion and win trophies.  It seems that none of our players are leaving, save perhaps a certain Polish striker, for the time being.

7) With money to spend, thanks to great management from Watzke and Rauball (please don't raise ticket prices any more, what makes our club beautiful is Echte Liebe, we are a club of the people--I digress) it appears that along with all of the bogus crazy madness about every club wanting to buy every single Dortmund player in the starting eleven or traveling squad, some really big names are being linked with our club...most importantly a certain Dortmund legend, Mozart, Tomas Rosicky.  Please make that happen, 1. BvB MKE will make a pledge of at least $19.09 to help fund the move.  Let's all unite and send fanclub dollars to buy Rosicky!!!

Pondering a return to BVB

8) Did I mention that Dortmund are in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Malaga with the second leg at home in front of Die Gelbe Wand and the atmosphere of a sold-out Westfalenstadion?

9) While it is only a rumor that has not been confirmed, a certain Dortmund player has said to be pondering a visit to 1. BvB MKE this summer.  The visit would also be open to legend Dede who could help the player, rumored to be Dortmund fanatic Kevin Grosskreutz, train on the beach with acrobatic kicks in hopes to score more goals like the one in Berlin.  An investigation into the claims is being made at present and additional updates will be forthcoming. Fur immer BVB.

Thank You Dede! What a goal from Grosskreutz.  Zorro can't even believe it.


Alles geht Gut im Neuen Jahr...

The Klopp Factor
Everything goes as planned in the new year.  BVB have come out flying this second half of the season: 2 games, 6 points, 8 goals scored, 0 conceded.  Still, we hear players and Klopp alike insisting that there is more room for improvement.  This is the mentality of champions.  Leverkusen stuttered in the Black Forest, managing only a draw against Freiburg, only to face the mighty BVB next week.  When Sven triumphs over Lars, Dortmund will then sit second once again.  Bayern beware...in the words of the Method Man: "It ain't ova 'til da fat bitch sing..."

A perfect start to 2013: 5-0 at the Weserstadion and 3-0 im Tempel. What is behind the success at Borussia Dortmund thus far in 2013?  While there are surely many reasons for it, there are a few things that need to be mentioned in the writer's humble opinion:

1) Ilkay Gundogan
2) The Polish Connection
3) The Klopp Factor and
4) The Return of Nuri Sahin.

What a goal...
First, let us discuss Ilkay Gundogan.  Anyone who knows the writer as a Dortmund fan will tell you that he was a harsh critic of this player early on.  "I don't care what he did in Nurnberg...what can he do at Dortmund? So far, I am not convinced."  Or perhaps, "He gives the ball away too much.  Looks scared."  These are some of the things you might have heard.  These opinions slowly began to change as Gundogan's performances improved.  These opinions were no longer valid in 2012 when he became a BVB legend one night in Bavaria--a Pokal match in Furth that will never be forgotten.  Dortmund would go on to win the Pokal...and Gundogan's stellar performances for BVB didn't go unnoticed, paving the way for his inclusion in the Mannschaft for EURO 2012.  And in 2013? In the game against Bremen, Gundogan was involved in nearly every Dortmund attack and most of the goals.  His left-footed pass to Grosskreutz that led to Shitze's goal--der Beste Beispiel.  Against his former club, Der Club, he was out of control again, a menace to the opposition, uncontainable, Schaltzentrale...the praise goes on but the statistics tell the real story: 147 touches on the ball, 8 short of a Bundesliga record.  And with a certain BVB legend returning, we may begin to see an even better Ilkay as he gets more opportunities to play in advanced positions as opposed to more of a holding role.  Expect more world class performances from this very good midfielder.

The Polish Connection
Next, the impact the Polish Connection has had so far must be mentioned.  Lewandowski's 12 goals put him second in the scorer's charts, but after Dortmund beats Leverkusen next weekend, holding Kiessling to a quiet evening, he should be at least joint top-scorer.  Kuba's 2 goals set the tone for the day, putting the game out of Der Club's reach early on, Pizczek winning the penalty.  Pizczek had two assists against Bremen as well--one of them a perfectly weighted ball to Kuba at full sprint.  The other, Lewandowski's tap-in, the culimantion of a triangle of Poles in the area, Kuba to Lukas to Robert (for some reason this goal isn't all over highlights, an amazing team goal...quick passing and an easy finish).  With Juve and United signing Llorente and Zaha respectively, it doesn't appear they will be buying a striker anytime soon.  Liverpool recently bought Sturridge and they aren't a step up from Dortmund anyway.  Chelsea just bought Demba Ba and while their pockets are seemingly bottomless, it doesn't appear they will be moving for Lewandowski either.  With City already having the likes of Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko (how well has he really fared after leaving the Bundesliga for City?), and Balotelli, Manchester continues to appear an unlikely destination.  With his countrymen set to stay in Dortmund long-term, it seems more and more likely that LewanGOLski will extend his contract...Nuri didn't fit in at Real or Liverpool, Kagawa just admitted to being unhappy, nobody has heard anything about Barrios but apparently he lives in China...why leave?

Intensity...part of The Klopp Factor.
Third, let it here be stated that Jurgen Klopp is the best manager in Germany now, and he will continue to be the best manager in Germany when Pep comes next season, and having beat Mourinho head-to-head over two legs this year, he is currently the best manager in the world.  All through the winter break, he stressed improvement.  Too many points were dropped in the Bundesliga, especially at home, our usual fortress.  Six draws leaves us off the pace of Bayern, who were almost flawless this fall season, but Klopp also claims Bayern's form is a reaction to BVB's unbelievable form over the last two years.  Klopp has demanded more from all of his players this half of the season and it appears he is getting more.  Given the Klopp factor, I don't think Bayern should be so confident that Die Schale is theirs quite yet.  They still have to play BVB...something they should know by now is not an easy task for them (see 12.05.2012 :)).

Finally, the return of Nuri Sahin.  What can be said about this amazing story?  Only if you are Borussia could you ever understand everything that it means...this is also probably the reason for a lack of updates from 1. BVB MKE...as celebrations continue in Milwaukee.  While he has yet to score and has only featured slightly, expect more from Nuri as he settles back home again.  If nothing else, it has served as a huge morale boost and team chemistry appears to be at an all-time high.  Santana fills in, two clean sheets.  Nuri steps in...goosebumps.

Captain Sahin sinks Bayern's shit-ship...
Anything can happen this season.  Bayern are shaking in their boots...Nuri has masterminded their destruction more than once.  And they should just hope they don't concede any free kicks within 30 yards: Reus and Sahin are deadly, any side you like.  A tough test for them in Schwabia tomorrow...let the trend of point-dropping in 2013 start for them tomorrow:



Das Erste Spiel unseres BVB im Jahr 2013!!! 1st Game of 2013 for BVB!!!

On Tuesday, January 8th, BVB will play its first match of the season--a pre-season friendly against Spanish opposition Albacete.  Even though it is just a pre-season game, it is always great to watch BVB and it appears the match will be available to watch for fans.  The address seems to only paste where it wants to, which is right above, so you will have to click there.  It is also on Borussia Dortmund's page on Facebook under the photos.  The match kicks off at 16:55 it says, which I imagine is German time, making it at 9:55 a.m. our time.  Might want to double check that, but if you have free time, might be worth following.  https://www.facebook.com/BVBorussiaDortmund09/photos_stream#!/photo.php?fbid=589639567714694&set=pb.134904013188254.-2207520000.1357583276&type=3&theater


Hallo Sven. Hallo Neven. Later Ivan...

Two Unstoppable Machines
It was an eventful day for BVB, despite still being the early stages of pre-season training in Spain. Two key players signed important contract extensions while another moved on, albeit after Dortmund turned about a 2 million Euro profit on him (Perisic was originally signed for 5.5 mil but rumors seem to say that Wolfsburg bought him for around 7.5--a savvy deal for an unhappy player indeed). 

Never really got it or understood what it meant to play for BVB...Ivan, kann you smell vat die Klopp is kooking? Also, do notice an attentive Moritz Leitner :)
Dortmund's biggest criticism in their recent successes has been that they are not a "big" club that can offer big players much to stay on and will lose all of their players to "bigger" clubs (when BVB regularly has the highest average attendance in all of Europe, these discussions of so-called "bigger" clubs come into serious doubt). In much of the discussion surrounding BVB this year, reporters and the media are often ill-informed so let's take a quick look at the numbers: 

Hummels, Kuba, Schmelzer, Pizczek, Bender and now Subotic have all signed extensions. That is over half of the starting eleven (7). As Grosskreutz and Reus are clearly dedicated to the Dortmund cause, with no need to mention where Roman Weidenfeller's heart lies, there is really only uncertainty surrounding one player: Lewandowski. Dortmund have successfully managed to not only secure the signatures of their best players, but also their most important business assets. With clubs like Man U, Chelsea, Juventus, and Liverpool already adding to their ranks of strikers, it seems unlikely that LewanGOALski would give up a guaranteed starting position and hero status for the bench by moving to a "big" club (i.e. Torres at Chelsea, Berbatov at Man U, etc.). The media frenzy surrounding Dortmund players has been annoying, and at times, ridiculous. In the words of Watzke, "Which player who has left us is happier now? Shinji, Barrios, Sahin? No one."
These two guys could kick your ass for sure.

And then chuckle about it....
That said, Dortmund have now lost another player--Ivan Perisic, a player with a lot of potential in attack, wonderful technique, and good pace--who it must be said never really fit in at BVB. It is bittersweet. Admittedly, he is a good player who despite not playing all that much, managed to score a good number of goals (9 goals in 42 matches for BVB, only about a dozen starts). Personally, I will admit to liking the way he plays, and his Arsenal goal will forever be in my memory, but I didn't like the way he complained about playing for the best team in the world--especially when it was better for THE TEAM that he did not play because of his inability to defend with the same tenacity as a Grosskreutz or a Kuba. Klopp cited this as a main reason for his lack of playing time in previous months, as he still needed to develop his defensive positioning. But it was only when he criticized the genius Jurgen Klopp's coaching style that I lost respect for him. How can you question his methods when you look at the turnaround he made? And anyway, thanks to him, you went from playing in Belgium to scoring goals against English champions on the European stage and becoming a Bundesliga Champion--as opposed to playing in Jupiter (or the Jupiler Pro League or whatever it's called). This was just another example of the modern trend of players not being loyal to clubs but instead looking only at their individual and personal successes, using clubs as stepping stones. If you learned anything from your time at Dortmund, it should be that YOU NEVER WALK ALONE...and while this can be interpreted as a message of support for players from the fans, it should also serve as a reminder of players' commitment to Borussia Dortmund and its unique supporters. While I am sure that Perisic can be successful elsewhere in the Bundesliga and Europe, the way he publicly criticized Dortmund has left a sour taste in my mouth.

Frustrating.  It's all downhill from here...ask Mladen Petric.
It is reminiscent of a former attacking player from Croatia who also foolishly left Dortmund. After leaving BVB in 2008, Mladen Petric stated he wanted the chance to play in Europe--so for some reason this meant moving to Hamburg. In a hilarious turn of events, I remember Dortmund pummeling Hamburg a few seasons later and watching a frustrated and ineffective Petric laboring around the pitch (I am pretty sure former BVB Deutschermeister Guy Demel was somewhere around that day too). Dortmund then went on to lift 3 trophies shortly after his departure, also playing consecutive seasons in Europe, while Hamburg continued to play like Hamburg and not play in Europe. Funny enough, Petric has since moved to a cottage known as Craven somewhere in London, and is playing for the prestigious club Fulham, whose best ever finish was 7th place and they have only ever competed on a European stage 3 times, one of them being in the Intertoto Cup and another only because they qualified for this year's Europa League through "fair play". Let's hope that the departure of another Croatian will also mark an upturn in the fortunes of BVB. 

Cao Ivane, moving down in the world. Have fun at Wolfsburg, a mediocre club. Don't ever talk shit about BVB or Jurgen Klopp--you'll end up playing Landesliga Fussball soon...

Real professionals keep comments to themselves and win trophies.   Bender looks high.  Neven, what did you give him, you rockstar? We all saw how wild you get when you were dancing on your car... :p


Права љубав

Fur Immer BVB

P.S. The void left by Perisic on the sub bench could be filled by youngsters such as Leitner, Bittencourt, or Amini or it could pave the way for a Sahin return. Comments? Thoughts? The transfer saga continues...