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Echte Liebe = Real Love

1. BVB MKE was founded for one reason, and one reason only: echte Liebe.

We are real fans with "real love" for BVB--the greatest club on planet earth.

The numeral preceding the name (1. -- meaning "der erste or "the first") symbolizes this fan club being the first in the city of Milwaukee.  Discussions with BVB headquarters in Dortmund are ongoing as to this being the first official club in the United States of America as well, further signifying the importance of this part of our name.

Unofficial Official Logo: 1. BVB MKE -- "First and Only Fan Club in the Country"
The members of this fan club feel nothing but echte Liebe ("real love") for Borussia Dortmund, and despite living in a society where soccer is not the main sport, we still show passionate support for BVB.  Though some of the first members have been gathering as a small group for years to watch games, it was not until 2012 that we decided to form an "official" fan club as more people wanted to watch Bundesliga and BVB games in Milwaukee; also the encouragement of current BVB club members from Germany led to the movement for official organization.  Furthermore, the record-breaking season of 2012 increased the need for official recognition of all things BVB in Milwaukee and the United States as a whole, according to founding members of 1. BVB MKE.

While this fan club is happy to see that BVB is becoming more popular--in the USA and throughout the world--as they become more successful in the Bundesliga and in Europe, 1. BVB MKE does not consider most of these new fans as "real fans with real love."  Why we do hope for BVB to spread and grow, we need to ensure the values of the club and its identity remain intact, unlike many MEGACLUBS in the modern game. They are destroying the sport. Borussia Dortmund is the answer. This is why all official members of the fan club must demonstrate a deep understanding of the history of BVB and what it means to be Borussen, as well as a lifelong commitment to being a BVB fan.  While 1. BVB MKE does not discriminate on account of any bias (the fan club has male and female [1] members), "fair weather fans" are not eligible for membership in 1. BVB MKE.  The fan club does this in alignment with club traditions and the reputation of Dortmund fans being the best in the world.

The fan club currently spends most of its time still reveling in the glory of what was the greatest year in the club's 103-year history: 2012, Borussia Dortmund Doublesieger.  That said, 1. BVB MKE recognizes that it wasn't always easy to be a Dortmund fan.

1. BVB MKE's founding members first days really supporting the club were in the difficult years of the mid-2000’s, just after the 2002 championship season.

It all began when a high school exchange student from the Ruhr in the neighborhood of Munster came to a small place in Wisconsin outside of Milwaukee. This BVB missionary was called to America and while playing fussball one day began to tell the current president of 1. BVB MKE more about the wonderful club that is Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund.  He subsequently converted Volker to BVB and this led to the conversion of all other members associated with 1. BVB MKE.  For this important role in the history of the fanclub, he is our only Honorary Member (as well as currently being the only international member) and he’s considered  “Der Gottvater" (The Godfather) and patron saint of our club.  A complete list of members and positions can be found in another section.

One year later, Volker (founding member and current President) went to Dortmund to see a match with Der Gottvater. It was February 2005 and the first pilgrimage Der Tempel and die Gelbe Wand Sudtribune: a 1-0 victory over Bochum that would eventually lead to their relegation to zweite liga.  In the words of der Prasident: "What happened to me that day changed my life forever and from that moment on, I was a real fan if I hadn’t been before.  I fell in love with the club and will love BVB forever.  Immer wieder BVB..."  This day also marks the beginning of the friendship that continues to this day between 1. BVB MKE and Der Geile Fanclub.

Members of 1. BVB MKE  have been to some of the most important games in the history of Borussia Dortmund, including historic matches such as the centenary match against Freiburg on 19.12.2009 and the 12.05.2012 Pokalfinale in Berlin--which marked the first ever double-winning season in Dortmund history.  Members of 1. BVB MKE have even been on national television in Germany. Recently, they have appeared on THE YELLOW WALL PODCAST after a pilgrimage to Dortmund. This season, they witnessed live the three successive wins against Hamburg, Atalanta (racists), and the fake Borussia from Gladbach. They also ate at MIT SCHMACKES and drank shots of Jagermeister on the house from Kevin Grosskreutz and were given his right boot, official and match worn with his brother Lenny's name stitched on. We love you Kevin. We will attend all BVB games in their USA tour this summer. Photos and other media can be found in another section.

From watching games at the pub or alone or online at work or even listening to BVBnetradio auf Deutsch mit Norbert Dickel, 1. BVB MKE consists of a small but loyal following of over 40 members and the numbers are rising. The dedicated members watch BVB matches even though it usually means waking up for kickoff and having a beer at 8:00 in the morning because of the different time zones.  Most Europeans don't appreciate this about the American soccer fan: we often are up at the crack of down to support, yet still are told we aren't real supporters. While the location of the official club headquarters is secret and only known by select members, according to tradition and superstition members usually congregate at the Highbury (1. BVB MKE = too real for the Nomad) for most matches.  If you don't know where it is, you should.  Look for people in black and yellow (schwarzgelb).  If you don't see us, you will surely hear us...

...and if you can't hear us, that's 'cause we're not there.

Fur immer BVB



1. BVB MKE is perhaps the first Borussia Dortmund fanclub in America. With roots of fandom in the 90s and the glory years, taking formation during the gloomy days of the mid 2000s, and concluding with the official formation of an organized fanclub in 2012 on a balcony on the east side of Milwaukee, 1. BVB MKE may also be the best fanclub in America. The aim of the group is to spread BVB in America and to build true fan support in the USA through their passion for Borussia Dortmund. Members have traveled to Germany and seen matches at the famous WESTFALENSTADION'S YELLOW WALL and many other matches. We hope that other Americans will fall in love with BVB in the same way and take pilgrimages and also support Borussia Dortmund when they tour America this summer. We welcome your support for our fanclub in many ways. We hope more people all over the world choose a club with values like Dortmund over the megaclubs dominating and ruining the modern game.

Respect to the Godfather, 7, Markus, Cristoph und MIT SCHMACKES, WE LOVE YOU KEVIN GROSSKREUTZ, Detlev the security guy at the stadium, Der Geile Fanclub., BVB Sekt Thurgen, Stefan Buczko and The Yellow Wall Podcast, that Greek Hamburg fan and everyone else---FREUNDSCHAFT.

You'll never walk alone.

Der BVB, der BVB, wird niemals untergehen!

This group is a tribute to the greatest club in the Ruhr and the world...Borussia Dortmund. 


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