---1. BVB MKE---

Membership in 1. BVB MKE is exclusive.  As clubs like Borussia are rare, in fact, there is no other club quite like BVB, we keep our membership limited to only those who demonstrate a real love for Borussia Dortmund.  Methods of how pledges can prove this vary, but the fan club has tight restrictions on membership only in alignment with the theme of "echte Liebe."  All members are required to go through an initiation process and get wasted with members of 1. BVB MKE in order to be approved. Just kidding but you must at least know things about BVB and pass a test.

While 1. BVB MKE always seeks to expand, the fan club does reserve the right to deny entry to the fan club to any individual for any particular reason.  This is true for official membership in the fan club as well as for the group page on Facebook.  Politics aside, we are a friendly bunch, just don't bring up Sch***e or a certain player that used to wear 21 for the schwarzgelben before committing an act of treachery and signing a contract with a certain club from Gelsenkirchen (while the writer apologizes for any confusion experienced by less informed readers, he also reserves the right to be vague in concern to people and organizations who are in his humble opinion not worthy of being mentioned by name).  A long story short, F*@k Sch#&%e and everyone associated with that Blau-Weiss Scheiss.  If you like, have ever liked, or think that you may ever in the future like FC Sch***e 04, then you should be aware of a few things: 1) you will never be eligible for membership in 1. BVB MKE, 2) you suck and your club will never be champion in your sad lifetime, 3) you need to leave this page immediately, but before you do you should know that, 4) you are going to hell, 5) Same if you support FC Bayern Munich, Leipzig/Salzburg, Heidenheim, or Greuther Furth.

These principles lay the foundation for membership in 1. BVB MKE.

The Godfather and The Bosses...OGs
Volker - President & Founding Member
Feller - Vice President & Founding Member
Lars - Founding Member & Official Porkchop of 1. BVB MKE
Curtch - Chief Financial Officer, Official Bagman, Board Member
Der Koch - Founding Member, Official Cook of 1. BVB MKE & Coach of BVB (in FIFA game)
Austin - Shotmaster, Drinking Machine, & Official Weisswurst Provider of 1. BVB MKE
Nikola - Official Subotic Expert & Neven Subotic Ultra
Neven - Greenskeeper
Savage - Assistant Greenskeeper/Official Translator/Overall Baller
JoPa - Security
Sam the Hof - Streetkeeper (Garbage Can Fussball) & Tallest Member in History of 1. BVB MKE
Aristotle "Der Philosoph" - Thinker & Drinker, 2nd Quietest Member in History of 1. BVB MKE
Gus aka Kosta - Head of Greek Contingent & Possessor of Schmelzeresque Left
Ari "Das Baby" - Youngest Member Ever/Only Infant Member/Future Leader
Super Miaskowski Brothers - Official Polish Ambassadors of 1. BVB MKE & Wesole Pijakow
Joe "RubbeldieKatz" - Official Provider of Shelter & Beverages for 1. BVB MKE
Robyn - Much Missed Hot Bartender, Official Server of Larsdrivers & Unofficial Member
Kuba - Old Polish Guy & Quietest Member in the History of 1. BVB MKE
Updates on members list coming soon...especially @ Jamo, Nick, etc.

Honorary Member:
Der Gottvater - The Godfather

1. BVB MKE is perhaps the first Borussia Dortmund fanclub in America. With roots of fandom in the 90s and the glory years, taking formation during the gloomy days of the mid 2000s, and concluding with the official formation of an organized fanclub in 2012 on a balcony on the east side of Milwaukee,    1. BVB MKE may also be the best fanclub in America. The aim of the group is to spread BVB in America and to build true fan support in the USA through their passion for Borussia Dortmund. Members have traveled to Germany and seen matches at the famous WESTFALENSTADION'S YELLOW WALL and many other matches. We hope that other Americans will fall in love with BVB in the same way and take pilgrimages and also support Borussia Dortmund when they tour America this summer. We welcome your support for our fanclub in many ways. We hope more people all over the world choose a club with values like Dortmund over the megaclubs dominating and ruining the modern game.

Respect to the Godfather, 7, Markus, Cristoph und MIT SCHMACKES, WE LOVE YOU KEVIN GROSSKREUTZ, Detlev the security guy at the stadium, Der Geile Fanclub., BVB Sekt Thurgen, Stefan Buczko and The Yellow Wall Podcast, that Greek Hamburg fan and everyone else---FREUNDSCHAFT.

You'll never walk alone.

Der BVB, der BVB, wird niemals untergehen!

This group is a tribute to the greatest club in the Ruhr and the world...Borussia Dortmund.  FUR IMMER BORUSSIA!!! FUR IMMER 1. BVB MKE!!!


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